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Sydney Dingo Rescue is a volunteer run animal shelter and registered charity based two hours from Sydney on 100 acres. We have kennelling space for 30-40 dingoes.
Sydney Dingo Rescue exists to assist both wild-born dingoes and captive/pet dingoes who have found themselves homeless and in need of help. We work not only in New South Wales but across Australia working in conjunction with councils and shelters interstate in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory to help dingoes in need.

What we do:
First and foremost Sydney Dingo Rescue exists to offer support and assistance to dingo owners and carers. Whether this is training/behavioural advice, help with fencing or subsidised desexing it is always our goal to keep families together with their dingoes where ever possible. Where this is not possible, we also run a rehoming program to find suitable new homes for dingoes in need.

As well as working to assist captive born dingoes (pets/companion animals), Sydney Dingo Rescue also exists to advocate for, and assist wild-born dingoes who are unfairly targeted, and killed by the Australian Government.

Each year due to wide spread baiting, trapping and hunting hundreds if not thousands of wild dingo pups are left orphaned and in need of assistance. These pups are often left to starve. We believe dingoes deserve better and SDR are here to do everything within our power to fight for them.

In addition to the pressures faced by wild dingoes, the prolific and uncontrolled breeding of dingoes by backyard breeders has led to a huge number of homeless dingoes, surrendered to shelters and pounds each year. Sydney Dingo Rescue does not support the breeding of dingoes in captivity and all our rescue dingoes are desexed. We work with council impound centres and private shelters across Australia to assist dingoes in need.

Did you know we run a rehoming program as well as a sanctuary? To view our dingoes currently looking for new families
click here.

If you require assistance with your own companion dingo or have found a dingo in need of help
click here.

*Sydney Dingo Rescue is a subproject of Sydney Fox Rescue.

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