Current Volunteer Opportunities-

Shelter Volunteers:

Sydney Dingo Rescue is currently seeking shelter volunteers for weekday and weekend shifts at our shelter in the Tarago area (2 hours from Sydney or 1 hour from Canberra). We are looking for volunteers who can commit to at least one shift each month, if you cannot make this commitment please do not apply.

These volunteer roles comprise working with the animals at our sanctuary/shelter. Please note that a car is necessary for this role. This role gives volunteers the opportunity to work with a variety of different animals including foxes, deer, pigs, horses, dingoes, cats and hares. The role is largely outdoors and does involve a significant amount of physical labour. You'll be on your feet cleaning kennels, yards and pens as well as making up and distributing animal feeds and exercising and grooming various animals.

Volunteering with Sydney Dingo Rescue is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on animal experience as well as gaining references and industry contacts for future employment opportunities working with animals.

To find out more about apply to become a shelter volunteer
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Foster Carers:

Are you someone...
- Who works part time or from home and has extra time on your hands?
- With at least 2.2m fencing and a medium to large yard? (We can always help out with some adjustments to fencing)
- With animal experience particularly with dogs and/or wildlife?

We are always looking for foster carers for dingoes and Dingo hybrids (dingoes cross dogs) both adults and puppies. While high content dingoes require an enclosure or 2.2m fencing, dingo hybrids often require less stringent fencing. In many cases a 6 foot/1.8m colourbond fence can suffice. We have dingo x shepherds, dingo x kelpies and dingo x bull arabs all looking for foster carers. For more information on becoming a foster carer
click here.
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